Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Traffic Generation - 3 Reasons How Articles Generate Traffic by Janet B. Cole

What if you could generate between 300 and 500 visitors per day to your website or squeeze page? What difference would that make to your bottom line? And further, what if you could convert those visitors to subscribers by, say, 40 percent? Well, you can do this with articles. If you create a regular number of articles per week and submit them online to the reputable article directories, over a short period of time, you can witness a massive increase in your traffic.

So how can you increase your traffic to your site?

1. The most powerful way to generate good, quality traffic to your website every single day is to create articles. If you create articles with compelling headlines, informative content and inspirational bios, then you, too, will soon begin to improve the visitor numbers and subscriber numbers to your site.

2. At the moment, I create a minimum of 10 articles per day. That's 50 articles per week and over 200 over a period of one month. If you follow the same technique for the next 60 days, then you, too, will generate massive traffic.

3. You do not have to create 10 articles per day if that proves to be difficult for you. What I would suggest is that you start with two or three articles per day. You must be consistent. You must write every day for five days of the week, and you must create informative and inspirational articles.

4. It is vitally important that you submit your articles to article directories that will get read by customers, e-zine owners and website owners alike. These three categories of readers must read your articles in order for you to get traffic to your site. The single reader is looking for information about your specific topic. The website owner is looking for content for their website, and the e-zine owner is looking for content for his newsletter. One of the better article directories is EZines. If you type in "e-zines" into your web browser, you will come up with the name and website address. You should register and begin to submit all your articles to this particular article directory.

5. Make a list of several other article directories with which you will use for your article submission. If you can ensure that these article directories have a page rank of a minimum of 3, then your articles should be read again by readers, e-zine owners and website owners.

Do you want to learn more about article writing to build your list?

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Janet B Cole is a powerful coach and online mentor. She has over 400 articles in print and has published several ebooks.

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